Site Name:Pericles Wreck (Al-Ed Al Gharbi)
Coordinate:25°29'500' N 52°04'421' E
Location:By boat (56km from Doha) in Al Ed- Al Gharbi sea side "Almost one hour by speed boat"
Entry TypeBoat - Offshore Dive
Max Depth35 meter (115ft)
VisibilityLow - Medium (4 – 7 meters)
DescriptionLarge sunken cargo shipwreck with large recognized propeller
The wreck might have some dark spots, therefore it’s highly recommended to have torch during the dive.

No information or details available on when , how and why the vessel was sunken.
Marine LifeResidents type of fish can be found: Arabian Blue Angel Fish, Sergeant Major, Groupers, Batfish, Barracuda,Spangled Emperor, Twobar seabream, Snappers, small Rays, Saddleback Grouper, needlefish Jelly fish, clown fish and Cuttlefish
If you are lucky enough you might encounter large rays or nursing sharks
In many spots you will be able to see hard corals.
One the way to the site, we encounter dolphins accompanying our journey
Dives TypePhotography, Fun Dive, Wreck Dive, Drift and Deep Dive
Min LevelAdvanced Open Water Diver