Enjoy exclusive offers for one year with your PDCQATAR Dive Club card

Whether you are newly certified and looking to get into local diving or you’re an old pro in need of a few new buddies and stories. PDCQATAR Dive Club is for people who enjoy diving and wish to mix with fun and lively people. As a club member, you get exceptional offers and discounts from our dive center and select partners across Qatar.

As a PDCQATAR Dive Club member you have access to world-class privileges throughout your annual membership.

Our Dive Club is all about getting divers in the water more often and having fun both in and out of the water! It’s also a great way to meet new buddies and benefit from verity discounts through our partners.

Membership Levels

PDCQATAR Dive Club membership levels have been designed with five levels of Membership Status to suit each individual needs and rewards.

Membership LevelBronzeSilverGoldVIP
per membership valid for one year
Free Guided fun shore dives (max 2 dives per day, on weekends only, includes air tanks and weights16 times26 times36 timesAll Year
50% on dive equipment rental8 times13 times18 timesAll Year
50% on 2 boat dive trips - includes air tanks & Weights2 times4 times6 times8 times
Personal air tank filling 12 times18 times24 timesAll Year
Personal nitrox tank filling 8 times12 times18 times36 times
Free Discover Scuba Diving in the sea for Friends (excluding gear rental)2 persons3 persons4 persons5 persons
Free Discover Scuba Diving in the pool for Friends (excluding gear)2 persons3 persons4 persons5 persons
Free dive specialty from selected list (Excludes manual & certificate) 1 specialty1 specialty2 specialty3 specialty
Free dive equipment (BCD,reg,gauge) inspection *excluding spare kit1 set1 set2 set2 set
Discount on dive specialties courses10%15%20%25%
Discount on PADI recreational courses up to from AOW to DiveMaster20%25%25%30%
Discount on diving equipment and gear at PDCQATAR15%15%20%20%
Free rental of nitrox tanks "When enrolled for Nitrox Course"46812
Discount on PDCQATAR organized international dive trips5%5%10%10%
50% Suunto dive computer battery changing *excluding battery kit1122
50% Visual inspection for personal air tanks per year2 Tanks2 Tanks4 Tanks6 Tanks
50% Hydrostatic for personal air tanks per year2 Tanks2 Tanks4 Tanks6 Tanks
For Non-Diver member- Open Water Diver course Discount20%25%30%35%
Invitation to PDC Social gathering and events (BBQ night, dhow etc)
Free PDCQATAR branded merchandise items1123
Priority reservation and booking for guided dives and trips---
Annual Membership FeeQAR1,000QAR2,000QAR3,000QAR4,000
Family member (spouse, children, parent)Receives 20% discount on his/her membership level

Poseidon Dive Center Club Membership Terms & Conditions


We welcome your new and creative ideas.  PDCQATAR Dive Club wants to encourage you to promote fun experiences as a dive club member! Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our Dive Club membership.